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Powered By Google: Google My Business

Powered By Google: Google My Business

Powered By Google: Google My BusinessPowered By Google: Google My Business

Google Tools. 

The least expensive and most effective way to be found by new customers today.

In Simple & Short real time videos I share how to make Google Tools work for you.


Creating Google Posts.

There are four types of Google My Business Posts.  I cover all four of them in this 29-minute training video.  If you're a small business owner or sales person.. this is for you.  There is a question and answer period at the end for our Beta members. You can join them; read below.  Google Business.  Get it. 

Do you know what Google Tools Are?

Chances are, you don't.  Companies like Yelp, Angie's List or Zillow aren't going to tell you about free processes to be found.  Also, Google Tools cannot be automated to be effective on search, the mentioned companies have to automate to make a profit. 

Learn About Those Google Tools Here!

What is it?

It starts with Gmail.  Once you have a Gmail account or a G-Suite account ( I'll teach you the difference ) you have access to dozens of Google Apps that can power your business to the top of local search results while indexing your website and content to Google's primary search engine and Google images. 

Learn Your Google Tools For one small life time fee.  

Start getting the results you need.

In business doing things yourself just makes sense at times, perhaps knowing how offer direction to your employees is even more important.

Social media account, website, online store or even an online resume, quickly learning the free online visibility tools is a bargain at one hundred dollars for life.

This price won't be available for long.  It goes subscription the moment we have 1000 subscribers.  All initial subscribers will have only that one fee ever. ( Unless  you want my personal coaching. )  

The Buy Now Pay Pal Button below makes it easy to purchase a life time membership for a one time fee of one hundred dollars.

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